Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What is Stack?

The compactus storage shelving in the room behind the staff at Information Services is known as the "stack". Occasionally books end up here once they have been removed from the shelves at your local library branch.

Stack is divided into two main sections: Adult Fiction: Arranged in alphabetical order of author surname (right) & Adult Non Fiction: Arranged in Dewey numbered order (left). We also have a select range of junior fiction, assorted reference materials such as service manuals & telephone books, newspapers, serials (magazines), journals and Government Gazettes.

Some books are larger than most and require specialised shelving within stack. Most notably these are Quartos and Folios. Quartos usually measure approximately 23 cm by 30 cm, where as Folios are larger again, approximately 38 cm or more in height. Both often contain detailed illustrations and or photographs and maps. You'll find many art themed books in the quartos.

The stack is open to all patrons and details of holdings in this area appear on the catalogue. Keep your eye out for books marked either 'Quarto' or 'Folio'. And on a final note, when using the stack please ensure passageways are clear before moving shelving.

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